I grew up with rose and lavender fragrances of my grandmother. Whenever she came back from a holiday trip from Italy or Bulgaria, she brought many exquisite little bottles filled with the most natural scents I had ever smelled. That intense fragrant experience 30 years ago had a big influence on my life.


As a perfumer with background as chemical engineer and with hands-on experience for creating harmonic scents, I built a bridge between science and art. This is how PARFUMOLIVERA was born. I am passionate about creating perfumes by following my curiosity for natural fragrances and persistently working on balanced combinations with the most fragile natural materials. I always strive for a harmonic natural scent.

During my learning process I met one of the most experienced perfumers in Italy who taught me about natural perfumes. As an independent perfumer I create natural signature fragrances and teach about natural perfumes in my perfume atelier in Schoenenbuch, in the beautiful countryside of Basel. At PARFUMOLIVERA individuals and groups explore exquisite fragrant notes, create their own message in a bottle and enjoy their own natural signatures.


The human’s sense of smell is our most underestimated sense but still very important for our wellbeing. My mission is to contribute to natural perfumery and to increase awareness about our individual experiences with natural fragrances.


When I create a perfume, I always follow the natural elegance of the fragrance, which awakens our deepest emotions.



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