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With Basil in our Royal Homes

In these hard times, we must act with responsibility and in a respective and human way. With care to each other. We need this more than ever!

These days I enjoy the simple fragrances. Even the most common scents around us can make a positive impact on the mood.

Today I choose Basil, the king of herbs. Translated from the Greek name basileus, meaning ʻkingʼ and basilikon, meaning ʻroyalʼ. Its scent in the garden or its fragrance from a pure essential oil impact our mind, mood and emotions. At the beginning with a hint of herb and short after a sweet anisic note dries out into light woody and floral scent. Basil scent feels awakening and stimulating.

Your nose knows!

What is your favourite scent these days and how does it feel?



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