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Can our memory trigger smell?

The sense of smell is tightly linked with our memories, more than any of our other senses. A Personal Signature Perfume is the faithful keeper of our memories. It comprises all of our very unique experiences we have collected in our life – from the very early days of our childhood to the present “now”.

Just think of the smell of vanilla, escaping your grandmother’s kitchen. And now think of that seashore from those summer holidays … those refreshing lemon and orange drinks.

Baby heads smell amazing. It’s the warm and funky scent of the downy newborn crown­ – and it activates the miraculous mechanism keeping them fed, warm and safe. Can you smell the scent of iris? Think of a church or another sacred place. That’s frankincense. What is the smell of your wedding or your best birthday party ever? Remember your last hike in the mountains? Do you recognize the smell of pine and honey?

Memories are part of us. And together with our skin, they are the base of a very unique, Personal Signature Perfume! Would you like to wear such a magic intangible garnment?

At PARFUMOLIVERA we will create together your personal story, your message in a bottle, from one hundred natural fragrances!

Photo by Nine Köpfer on Unsplash

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